Web Hosting for $0.01 with Cpanel & SSL | HostGator Coupon Code

Now you can use coupon code SOFTSTORES to get 1 cent web hosting at HostGator with cPanel and SSL. 

HostGator is one of the top web hosting providers on the web that offer some outstanding hosting features for ONLY $0.01 (1 cent) if you use the special Soft Stores exclusive coupon code SOFTSTORES 

This coupon knocks $9.95 off on your first month bill which brings the total down to $0.01. This also works on all hosting packages available at Hostgator.

The $0.01 Hosting Plan Offers
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Phone, Email, Chat Support
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • $100 Google Adwords Credit
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSL
  • E-commerce Support
  • Instant Backups
  • No Contract
  • Support for CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby On Rails, SSH, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD 2, Image Magick, Streaming Audio/Video, Free Module Installation
  • and much much more!
How to do this.? 
01. Click on below Link for visit hostgator $0.01 Plan..

Get $0.01 Hosting

 02.Click "Web Hosting" at top menu like below..

03.Choose the Baby Plan, select "Monthly" option from the dropdown, then click "Order Now"

04.Enter your exsting domain name (Domain registration fees apply if registering a new domain ). In the "Coupon code" box, type below coupon code: 
like below and click on validate button.

05.Enter your user name and billing information. At the bottom, you will notice the total due is only $0.01.
Then click on create Account to complete your order.

Thats it... Share this article with your friends, if you like it...

This coupon is recommended only if you are choosing the monthly payment option. If you are planning to purchase a more expensive plan such as VPS hosting or you are pre-paying for a whole year then you'll get a much better deal if you use the special 25% off coupon 

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How To Setup Custom Domain in Adf.ly | Increase Adf.ly Earning Part 2

Adf.ly now allow use your own custom domain names or sub domains with there service. The shortened URL will be branded like your website, giving increased confidence to your visitors that the destination website is in fact what they are looking for.

සිංහල භාෂාව

Register If you haven't Adf.ly Account
Adf.ly now allow use your own custom domain names or sub domains with there service. There are many benefits for doing this:
  • Website branding - if your blog is URL is http://www.example.com, your adf.ly links could now look like http://go.example.com/Ad3g
  • Greater number of clicks - people are starting to associate an adf.ly link with advertising and may not click a link for this reason.
  • Peace of mind - you own the domain and can download an Excel export of all of your URLs. If you were worried adf.ly may disappear one day (it won't!) then you are in full control.
  • Low profile - in the past Twitter and other services have had problems with adf.ly links. If you use a custom domain, an automated scan will not detect adf.ly links on your account.
Before you can use your domain on adf.ly you will need to update a DNS record for it. 
The only record we are interested in is an CNAME RECORD, you need create / edit your domain (or sub domain) CNAME RECORD to point to address:


Ill show how to do this. But its depends on where your domain is hosted.please check with your Domain Registrar if you are unsure.

How to Setup DNS Setting

First you need to go your Domain Registrar. ( ex :godaddy , namecheap ect )

then find host record ...
now if you wish to use sub domain with adfly, type sub domain in 

Follow above image to setup DNS Setting... If not clear click on the image..
Ok lets move second step..

How to Setup Adfly Account

(Click on the image fo zoom..)

Lets do it step by step..

  1. After setup DNS add your domain.
  2. Click on "add custom domain" button.
  3. After click on tool icon, you can customize header.
  4. Choose background color for header bar.
  5. Choose color for countdown text in header.
  6. Upload logo for header bar. (166x58)
  7. You can click on link and watch preview of your header.
  8. then save it...
Thats it.. Enjoy with adfly.. :-)

සිංහල භාෂාව

අපිට දැන් අපෙම ඩොමෙන් එකක් url short කරගන්න පහසුකම දිලා තියෙන්නේ මෙයාලා... මෙයාලා කිව්වෙ ADF.LY ලා.. එකෙත් වාසි ගොඩාක් තියේ.. සමහර වෙලාවට adf.ly ඩොමෙන් එක බ්ලොක් කරනවා FB එකෙනුයි ට්විටර් එකෙන් එහෙම... දැන් එ ප්‍රශ්නේ එන්නේ නැ තමන්ගෙම ඩොමෙන් එකක් පාවිච්චි කරනවා නම්... එ වගෙම තමා එන විසිටර් ටත් වෙනසක් දැනෙන්නේ නැ අපෙම සයිට් එකක් නිසා.. ගොඩාක් අය හදා ගන්න දන්නවා ඇති. එත් නොදන්න කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවා නම් කියවලා බලන්න.. අපි බලමු හදා ගන්නේ කොහොමද කියලා කෙටියෙන්..

මෙතනින් ලියාපදිංචි වෙන්න තාමත් එකවුන්ට් එකක් නැත් නම්

උඩ රූපේ තියෙන විදියට Host Name කියන තැනට ඩොමෙන් නම දෙන්න. (මෙකට ඇඩ් කරන්න හිතාගෙන ඉන්නේ සබ් ඩොමෙන් එකක් නම්) . ඉට පස්සෙ IP Address/URL කියන තැනට custom.adf.ly කියලා දෙන්න.. ඉට පස්සේ Record Type කියන තැනට CNAME කියන එක සිලෙක්ට් කරලා සෙව් කරන්න.. සමහරක්විට මෙක වෙනස් වෙන්න පුලුවන් ඔයා ඩොමෙන් එක ගත්තු තැන අනුව..

ඉට පස්සේ තියෙන්නේ adf.ly එකට ඩොමෙන් එක ඇඩ් කරන්න..

  1. කලින් පියවරෙ හදා ගත්තු ඩොමෙන් එක ට්යිප් කරන්න.
  2. add custom domain බොත්තම ක්ලික් කරන්න..
  3. Tool ලකුන උඩ ක්ලික් කරන්න..
  4. උඩින් වැටෙන header bar එකට හොද පසුබිම් පාටක් සිලෙක්ට් කරන්න
  5. තප්පර 5 කවුන්ට් කරන ටෙ‍ක්ස්ට් එකට හොද පාටක් සිලෙක්ට් කරන්න
  6. හොදා ලොගො එකක් සිලෙක්ට් කරන්න.. ( පළල පික්සෙල් 166 ක් සහ උස පික්සෙල් 58)
  7. ඔයාට පුලුවන් ඔය ලින්ක් එකට ගිහින් Preview එකක් බලන්න..
  8. දැන් සෙව් කරන්න..
එච්චරයි... හොද නම් කොමෙන්ට් එකක් දාලා යන්න අඩු පාඩු තියෙ නම් එවත් එක්කම.. ස්තුතියි.
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Direct Links For Torrents | Download Torrent Using IDM | No need To Zbigz anymore

Most peoples don't like to torrent download. Because slow download.. So i think everyone know about Zbigz . But They limit there service. So now no need to zbigz anymore.. Just read whole post for more details...

English Language

සිංහල භාෂාව

Its Justseed.it .. They will give 20 GB monthly bandwidth for free, when you register.. If you need to more free data, just reffer your friends. They give free 20 GB data for each reffer..

  Click Here To Register 

  • Instant setup, simply register and go.
  • Access anywhere via HTTP(S) web gui
  • Upload .torrent files, add magnet links, add direct info hashes, add from URL
  • Unlimited torrents, unlimited disk space for all users, free or paid.
  • Create HTTP download manager-friendly links, download to your PC or share with friends!
  • Simple and prompt support ticketing system, follow us on twitter #justseed_it
  • Gbit network interface for fast seeding and downloading 

Special: If they say "registration disable at this moment" like that, try again by changing ip or OS.. If you have any problem just contact me using contact form in blog..


සිංහල භාෂාව

අපේ යාළුවෝ සමහරක් අය කැමති නැ ටොරන්ට් ඩවුන්ලෝඩ් වලට.. මොකද සිඩ්ස් අඩු උනාම එහෙම ඩවුන්ලොඩ් ස්ලොව් නිසා.. එ නිසා ගොඩාක් අය zbigz වගේ සයිට් පාවිච්චි කරනවා ඇති.. එත් ඔය ගොඩාක් සයිට් එයාලා දෙන සෙවාව සිමා කරනවා. සිමා සහිතව පාවිච්චි කරන්න නම් මුදල් ගෙවන්න ඔනේ.. එත් අද මම මේ දෙන සයිට් එකෙ විශේෂත්වය තමයි රෙජිස්ටර් වෙනකොටම මාසෙකට 20 GB ඉඩක් නොමිලේ ලැබෙන එක.. සයිට් එකෙ නම තමා Justseed.it ..

මෙතනින් ගිහින් රෙජිස්ටර් වෙන්න

එ වගෙම තමා යාලුවෙක්ව රිෆර් කලහම ඒ රිෆර් කරන එක්කෙනෙක්ට 20 GB ගානෙ අපිට ලැබෙනවා... මම නම් 100 GB ගත්තා සල්ලි දිලා පේපැල් මාර්ගයෙන්.. එ තරන් වටිනවා මොකද සීඩ්ස් තියෙන්නේ 2ක් 3ක් උනත් අවුලක් නැ. අපිට කරන්න තියෙන්නේ ටොරන්ට් එක ඇඩ් කරලා අපේ වැඩක් කරගන්න.. පැය කාලකට බාගෙකට පස්සේ මෙකට ගිහින් ඩිරෙක්ට් ලින්ක් එකෙන් ඩවුන්ලෝඩ් කර ගන්නයි තියෙන්නේ.. එ වගෙම ඕන සයිස් එකක ටොරන්ට් එකක් බාගන්නත් පුළුවන් ස්පීඩ් අඩු වීමක් නැතුවම. මේකෙදි අපි අප්ලෝඩ් කරන ටොරන් ඒකෙ ෆයිල් එයාලගේ සර්වර්වලට ඩවුන්ලෝඩ් කරගෙන අපිට ඩිරෙක්ට් ලින්ක් එකක් දෙනවා ඕන වෙලාවක ඩවුන්ලෝඩ් කර ගන්න..

මෙතනින් ගිහින් රෙජිස්ටර් වෙන්න

එ වගෙම තම සමහරක් විට මෙකෙන් රෙගිස්ටර් වෙන්න ගියාම ලියාපදිංචි විම ක්‍රියාවිරහිත කරලා කියලා පණිවුඩයක් එන්නත් ඉඩ තියෙනවා.. මට නම් 3න් පරක් විතර ආවා.. පස්සේ මම උබුන්ටු වලින් ඇවිත් බැලුවහම රෙජිස්ටර් වෙන්න පුලුවන් උනා.. ඔයාලත් ට්‍රයි කරලා හරි ගියෙ නැත්නම් IP හයිඩ් කරන සොෆ්ට් එකක දා ගෙන ට්‍රයි කරලා බලන්න..

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Earn Money With ClixWord (ptc site)

Hi friends... Most people like to earn e money.. So today ill tell about another ptc site like neobux.. its ClixWord.com.. ClixWord has been still online and paying..

Click below banner to register with ClixWord..
Eran money

Check below table for more summery about ClixWord

Owner : "Cleber Lusa" of Brazil

Restricted Cashout Wait Time Method

$ 2
(1st Cashout)
10 B-Day Paypal,Payza
Per Ad # of Ads Daily Avg Referrel
$0.001-$0.005 20 Ads +/- $0.024 +/- 1 Level
No Direct Limit

There are no limits on how many referrals you can have. Its great chance to who can refer a lot of people. because you can earn much money via reffering. They are paying and payment proofs can be found on the forum 

  1. Referral Earnings : 10%
  2. Cashouts
  • 1st Cashout : $2
  • 2nd Cashout: $3
  • 3rd and all others:$4

3.  ClixPrize - Surfing and win cash and membership prizes worth up to $12.00 instantly. Standard members have 25 chances per day..

Click below banner to register with ClixWord..
Eran money

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Earn Money With OkPay (Affiliate Program)

What is OKPAY.com

OKPAY is web like paypal,payza... You can earn money with there affiliate program.
For Start earn with OKPAY, Click on below banner..

Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

After registration you need get verify providing your id and home address.

Owner/Alias: "Konstantin Romanovsky" & CEO British Virgin Islands

You can withdraw with:

  • OKPay debit card (Except for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Myanmar (Burma), Somalia, Serbia, Macedonia, and India)
  • Bank Wire
  • E-currency exchangers
  • and via "Contact"

You can add funds with:

  • Wire Transfer
  • MoneyBookers
  • LibertyReserve
  • Payza
  • WebMoney
  • PerfectMoney
  • Contact

  • All Countries Accepted
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals
  • SSL Secure
  • Paid

Service Fees

Referral Earnings :

  • User Transactions
  • 1st Level 20% of any fee on referred user transactions
  • 2nd Level 10% of transaction fees

Debit card orders

  • 1st Level $1 for ordinary post orders and $3 for courier postal service orders
  • 2nd Level $0.25 for ordinary post orders $1 for courier postal service orders

Debit card loading

  • 1st level $0.20 per load
  • 2nd level $0.10 per load

Deposits (E-money)

  • 1st level 0.5%
  • 2nd level 0.25%
  • Withdrawals (Bank)
  • 1st level $1 per withdrawal
  • 2nd level $0.50 per withdrawal

Script: Custom

Site/Domain Created: 2003
Project Started: October 3, 2007
Site Actual Launch: March 8, 2010

Click on below banner and register with OKPAY
Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

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Earn Money With Linkbucks

In before i explain about adF.ly earning.. If you still didnt watch it Click Here.. If you already work with Linkbucks you  can increase your Linkbucks  earning after read this post.. If you still didnt join to Linkbucks .. Then Click on below banner and register with Linkbucks ..

What is Linkbucks .?

Simply Linkbucks is a program that allows you to make money online by sharing your links.
Linkbucks convert your normal links to paying ones by displaying ads to visitors who click your links.

There are 3 ways of creating paying links

1. Single Link
Use this to convert only one link to a paying link.
2. Multiple Links
Paste multiple links and have them converted to paying links.
3. Full Page Script
If you have a web site or blog and you want all your links converted to paying links automatically, this feature generates javascript code which you paste on your site and your links are converted to paying links behind the scenes.

There are 3 ad types 

Intermission Ad
This ad type shows a full page ad when your link is clicked (High earnings)
Top Banner Ad
This ad type shows ads in a top frame above the site you are linking to (Medium earnings)
Side Banner Ad
This ad type shows ads in a side frame on the site you are linking to (Low earning)
Content Locker Ad
Allows viewers to complete a survey before they can proceed to their link destination, this is used mainly for downloading (Highest earnings).

If you still can,t understand.? Then click on below links and see your self..

There are 2 type of target ads:

1. Clean
Use this option if the page you are linking to is safe for all ages.
2. Adult
Use this option if the page you are linking to contains any adult content

You can payout after reach $10. You could also earn via their referal program where you get 20% of your direct referrals’ earnings, 10% for 2nd tier referral earnings and 2% for 3rd tier referral earnings.

Linkbucks Referral System

Another way to make money and monetize your blogging career is by using Linkbucks and its referral system. Each referral earns you 20% of his earnings and the some % of the earnings of his referrals. Banners and ads with your referral code are ready for you to use on your blogs or postings once you Linkbucks for Linkbucks. Instead of simply linking media, why not get the chance to earn by using the affiliate program.

Click on below banner and register with Linkbucks ..

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How To Make Attractive Blog Part 1

Lets talk about blogs.. Today i will tell about blog platforms and how to make attractive blog. Here is some populer blog platforms..

wordpress (Self Host)
Typepad etc..

I will hope explain about blogger and wordpress..
First decide what platform blog and name you want to create.
I recommend blogger or wordpress (Self Host)..
Learn the basics using a free blogging platform such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com. But there may be limitations with how you can monetize a site if you use these platforms. Thatswhy more serious bloggers actually decide to get their own domains and self-host their blogs to have full control of their web properties.


Create account if you still havent google account.. then log and create blog.. you can use default blog template or install new template.. You can manage your blog in layout page..

WordPress (Self Host)

You can use wordpress.com also. but it doesn't support to plugin. so its useless.. Thatswhy i recommend wordpress self host.. First you need to hosting service to do this.. If you havan't money to buy hosting service, you can use free hosting service like x10 hosting.com 000webhost.com
loomhost.com etc..

Also if you haven't money to buy domain, you can use free domain service like cc.co
dot.tk etc..

But if they don't support to Addon Domains don't use it.. Because free host service give sub domain. In future you can add top level domain. if they dont support addon domains you cant do it. I recommend x10hosting.com or 000webhost.com..

How to Install WP.?

Its not a hard work.
Log your hosting cpanel and click wordpess icon in cpanel. (Check below Screenshot)

Then fill your details.. If you want to install other languge just visit wordpress.org and download wordpress pack. Then upload it to your hosting account and fill details..

In future, i will explain how to configure top level domain with addon domains option..

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Before apply Adsense - Adsense Part 3

Before apply Adsense

After create web or blog you need to promote your web/blog to before applying adsense.. Because they request some traffic to your site.. You need to 40 daily visitos minimum.. Ill tell soon to you how to promote qvickly..

Apply For Adsense and place your ad units

When you apply for adsense, in few days they will email approve or disapprove.. some time they will "We have completed a partial review of your application, but you may begin implementing AdSense code on your site. However, you’ll not begin to see live ads until we have fully completed our review of your site."
If they half approve, you need to place ad units in your web/blog.. Because they can't complete there review of your application until you have placed the AdSense code.. After placing ad unit, they will responce soon.. Remember Google Adsense recommend 3 ad unit per page.. if you didnt include illegal content, You can get approve. But my application disapprove two times due the Copyright Material.. After removing finally i got adsense.. :) So dont be lazy..

In future i tell you about Promoting/Marketing methods and more intresting topics

Keep visit this site.. Adsense not a dreams enymore.. :)

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